At Designplex 21 Architects we are professionally trained to work on small buildings, groups of buildings, and large or complex buildings, as well as places in and around them. We can combine creative design with a wide range of technical knowledge to provide integrated solutions for the built and natural environments.


Designplex 21  Concept

At Designplex 21 Architects we develop ideas through rough plans, sketches, and models, and then bring the ideas together into concept design drawings. The concept design drawings can then be developed further with technical detail to bring the project into reality.


At Designplex 21 Architects we take building design to the next step, providing 360 degree views of the building so you can better understand the design at early stages of the project. Let us assist you with making your building appear as real as possible, before it’s even built.


A building can be a complex mix of integrated services. At Designplex 21 Architects, we manage the coordination of our projects with various building professionals to ensure the building is documented accurately between services. We aim to minimize complications prior to construction.


At Designplex 21 Architects we can help you to keep your costs low, without compromising on the quality of work. If you are in the need of having your ideas drawn professionally, let us prepare them for you, using our experienced building industry knowledge.


At Designplex 21 Architects, we provide our services not only to owners, but also builders and developers. If you are a builder, or developer, and are in need of architectural or drafting services, we work with you as a team to support you or your client with building documentation services.